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The plan is to build a wider pontoon giving ample room to manoeuvre wheelchairs and get the occupant aboard as quickly and more importantly as safely as possible.
The Accessible Boat Club is an inclusive club based at Bisham Abbey. It provides on-the-water opportunities to people with physical, sensory and or learning difficulties. The Club is a part of the 'Rivertime Trust' who provide a range of experiences on the water from small group river trips on its river cruiser operating on reaches around Henley, to large multi-sport events.

The Club uses three types of craft:
Wheelyboat- self driven, giving amazing freedom to youngsters who cannot use their legs. Greg explained how rewarding it was to see the youngsters faces when they realise the freedom to move around at will in these boats,
Bell Boats - Pre formed plastic craft able to take up to 20 people (including carers), these can be used in races and are great fun to be aboard.
Sailing - Single sail boats, full training is given, and is a very popular activity with members. The club have a winch to move members from wheelchair to sailboat.
The Club provides the opportunity for people with physical, sensory and or learning difficulties to get onto the water. Participants can be accompanied by carers on the boat if needed. Training is given to all attendees from lock operating to sailing skills, several events (twenty half days) are held throughout the year at Bisham Abbey along with the Accessible Regatta which, in 2017, was attended by HRH Princess Anne.
Greg also appealed for volunteers for their event at Henley and Reading- please contact him if you can help out this wonderful cause.

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