Rotary Club of Reading

New President Eric Moyes takes the reins from outgoing President Sandra Tucker - and two Paul Harris awards are presented

Sandra anoints Eric

Sandra anoints Eric

David Drew

David Drew - presented with the Paul Harris award

Chris Nicholls

Chris Nicholls presented with the Paul Harris award

Rotary Teapot

The Rotary Teapot

David Drew's wife Doreen Drew was awarded the Rotary TEAPOT - for her continuing support for husband David in his work with Rotary. The Rotary TEAPOT will live with Doreen, to treasure, for the next year. Special thanks also went to Geoff Smith for his support over the year.

Eric gave his Acceptance speech as incoming President to a crowded room of members and wives. Eric spoke of how he is conscious of the honour of being President, 'We are in a very good place now with membership growing and a strong programme for the future'. He hoped to continue this trend, continuing to grow membership and develop an even stronger programme by building upon previous successful events. Eric also made a plea for members to get more involved and hoped to see more hands being raised when requests for help went out, also asking that members support club events whenever possible. He was also keen to see more ideas coming forward from all members. Eric summed up the last year as very successful and his wish for his year in office - 'MORE OF THE SAME PLEASE'.

Bill Montague SVP, thanked Sandra for all her work during a very difficult year that resulted in bringing our club back to life as well as achieving five new members, all joining our club in the last year.
Chris Nicholls reminisced few moments explaining that Mike Bissel and he were introduced by the then President, Canon Tony Boult in March 1982 in the Kennet Rooms of the now demolished Civic Offices. Chris still feels the Club means as much to the two of them as it did then and proposed a toast, in a fine wine, to the Rotary club and especially the outgoing and incoming Presidents.
We all look forward to the next Presidential Term with Eric and offer him and his teams our full support.