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A nice thank you letter

YPWD logo

'Young People With Dementia' have written to say thank you for our help. Please follow the links to see the letter.
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The Perfect Partnership

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Liz Terry, Chief Executive of Berkshire Women's Aid gave us an update on progress at our meeting on July 3rd. Liz told us about the exciting times since the seed was planted of a partnership between BWA and Rotary. Some members have helped BWA obtain a building and expand their accommodation for women requiring refuge. Liz admitted it has not always been a smooth ride but as a group they overcame their problems only to evolve a stronger a very successful working Partnership. Read more >

2018 Golf Day


This will be on Tuesday 11th September with a shotgun start at 9am

This popular event has raised tens of thousands of pounds for Rotary charities & good causes both local & international. Your support will ensure another successful and enjoyable day.
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Reading Rotary Community Project

RRCP's (part of the Reading Rotary Club) latest grants made in June are:
£500 to Younger People With Dementia - this money will be used for their social program and fund a boat trip.
£900 to The Wren School Interact Club - this is to help stock the school's library and assist literacy. Read more >

Reading Rotary gives a helping hand to Reading based charity, New Beginnings



A commercial size refrigerator was desperately needed to store food and drinks that are being donated by local supermarkets for free - Reading Rotary came to their rescue! Read more >

Reading Bluecoat School Foundation

Jesse Elzinger

Jesse Elzinger

On 19 June 2018 we were visited by Jesse Elzinga, the headmaster of Reading Blue Coat School, in Sonning, a foundation that dates back to the seventeenth century. Jesse started at the Blue Coat School in September 2016 where, in addition to maintaining high academic results, he seeks to educate his pupils socially and spiritually. He is also in the course of increasing the number of scholarship children.
Reading Blue Coat School is an Independent, day school for boys with a co-educational Sixth Form in Holme Park in the village of Sonning, in the English county of Berkshire, to the east of the town of Reading. Read more >

Congratulations! Rtn. Michael Bissell MBE

Mike Bissell MBE

Rtn. Michael Bissell MBE

We are delighted to announce that one of our long serving members, Michael Bissell, has been honoured by the Queen for voluntary work in Reading, Newbury and Sri Lanka
Michael, who has been a part of the Rotary Club of Reading since 1971, was named in the Queen's Birthday Honours on Friday, June 8. Michael has been made a Member of the British Empire (MBE).
He commented: 'It's a privilege to be granted this reward. 'I'd like to say thank you to all who believed in me and put me forward. 'I'm humbled and will stay humble as well! It's a great honour, being recognised by your countrymen and being put forward for such a reward.'

Picture - Michael Bissell, at the Royal County of Berkshire Show. Credit: Matthew Webb photography Read more >

Rotary Club of Reading Summer Social event Raises £340

The mad hatters tea party

On Sunday 10th June, The Club held a very enjoyable Afternoon Tea and 'Amateur Bake-Off Competition' in a member's beautiful garden. A big thank to all our members, who made some excellent cakes for this competition, and for supporting this great fun afternoon.


The Miller

Corry the Miller

The Miller of Mapledurham, Corry Sterling, joined us after our enjoyable meal at this month's evening meet to give us an overview of Mapledurham Mill where Corry and his wife run an inspired commercial business. Mapledurham Watermill is located in the grounds of the historic Mapledurham House, a privately owned country estate which has been in the same family since 1492.
There has been a watermill at Mapledurham for over 1000 years and it appears in The Domesday Book written in 1086.
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Building project for BWA hostel


The Club is funding a major part of the cost of this project and building is now at roof level.
Follow the links for more photos of the project as it developed. Read more >

'Memories of Medicine before the NHS and other things!' or David Goodwin on Medicine, Midwives, Magic and Mr Netball!

Working magic

Working Magic

Netball Captain

Netball Captain

Rtn. David Goodwin treated us to a very humorous and informative talk on Tuesday 24th April. Tales of David's upbringing within the medical profession prior to the introduction of the NHS that came into being when Labour came to power in 1945. An extensive programme of welfare measures followed - including a National Health Service (NHS). The Minister of Health, Aneurin Bevan, was given the task of introducing the service.
However prior to this David spoke of how his Father attended Cambridge University to study medicine to become a doctor. and his mother was educated at an East End College training to become a Midwife.  Read more >

We are all sitting comfortably- thank you!


The bench

seat 2 plaque

The plaque

We have received a thank you letter from Chris Scott, Willow House, Service Manager at the Salvation Army, thanking us for the funds to purchase a bench for Willow House.
As requested Chris has sent a picture of the bench and the plaque placed on the bench, paid for by our Rotary Club. Under the advice of the sign makers they did not choose brass as these require regular cleaning. The material used is long lasting and has a good finish (as the picture will show).

This bench now remembers bright young lives lost too early to overdose and provides a space to sit in the calming environment of the gardens.
We are very grateful to Rotary Club of Reading for their valued support and friendship.
Chris Scott

Visit of Rotarian Surendra Joshi

Rtn. Surendra Joshi

Surendra is a member of the Rotary Club of Yala (District 3292) in Nepal, which meets not far from Kahtmandu centre. On a visit to England in order to see his new grandchild he came to our meeting on 10 April 2018 and gave us a talk on life in Nepal.  Read more >

'The Future of UK Agriculture'

Tim with cows

Tim with his cows

At our meeting on the 3rd April Rtn. Tim Metcalfe gave his view on the future of UK agriculture following the UK decision to vote for BREXIT.
Tim is a local farmer, a West Berkshire Councillor and an active Rotarian. He explained to us why he felt that the majority of farmers voted to leave the EU. This seemed a strange vote considering that many farmers in the EU receive handsome subsidies that can contribute to a good lifestyle.
''It is the future of farming and our children's future that made us vote that way, as the present system is unsustainable,'' Tim explained.
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Christian Community Action Ministries (CCAM)

Gill Kaiser

Gill Kaiser

On Tuesday 27th March we were visited by Gill Kaiser, the CEO of CCAM, a local Charity that has been helping the vulnerable of Reading for over 20 years. For a synopsis of her talk follow the link Read more >

Younger People With Dementia

YPWD logo

YPWD logo

The talk at our meeting today (6/2/18) 'Young Onset Dementia 'attracted a lot of attention and interest from our members. We were all quite unsure exactly what the word 'Young' implied, however speaker Charlie Draper, Operations Manager for this charity, soon explained and told us that dementia does affect many adults often under the age of 65, and nationally there are about 40,000 younger people with dementia.
Traditionally our UK services are designed to meet the needs and expected therapeutic out-comes of older adults and subsequently, access to activities appropriate for younger adults with dementia is limited. This is where the YWPD Charity stepped in.
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Rtn. Simon Creffield's Job Talk

Simon & Graham

Simon joined Reading Rotary Club in 2017 and on 27th February 2018 he told his fellow-club members about his work. He was born and grew up in London and it was there that he qualified as a Chartered Accountant. At times he lived and worked in New Zealand but 26 years ago back in the UK with his brother Nigel he set up a timber business, which now employs 18 people at its premises in Tilehurst. They specialise in flame-proof boards and have a strong clientele in the film, TV and entertainment businesses. The materials they supply are used to build sets - Simon was particularly taken with a reconstruction of Westminster Bridge - and the latest films they have been involved in are 'Dark Crystal' and 'Artemis Fowl.' The firm's website is certainly worth a look.
Simon is already a valued member of the Club. He has been a yachtsman and is still a keen golfer and he has kindly agreed to take charge of the arrangements for our Golf Day in September.
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Footsteps Foundation

The Spider

The Spider

We have received a thank you for our help. Please follow the links.
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A visitation from the District Governor

DG 2018

On Tuesday 20th February 2018 we had a visit from David Pope, District Governor. He spoke very highly of the achievements of Reading Rotary Club but emphasised that Rotary needs an influx of younger people. Nationally, Rotary has started a campaign called Rotary2 which is aiming to set up satellite and independent new clubs and our District 1090 is already involved.
David praised the ongoing achievements of Reading Rotary Club and asked individual members to consider participating in activities at Area and District level.
During the meeting, which was also attended by Val Robinson, President of Reading Matins Rotary Club, our President Eric had the pleasure of inducting Alan Nicholsby into membership.

Bikes for Africa

B4A logo

Roger Butler gave an excellent presentation on Bikes4Africa at our February 13 meet. Roger explained that it is a charitable joint venture between Jole Rider and RIBI Rotarians. The aim is provision of bikes to children in Africa, who otherwise would not be able to attend school due to distance limitations with travel by foot.  Read more >

The Volvi Refugee Camp

- a continuing story by Maggie (Magdalena Filipova-Rivers) from Grass Roots International. On this return visit, the 6th February, Maggie explained how her work is continuing helping refugees and displaced persons throughout the world. But mainly in Greece. Most of the refugees her charity deals with originate from Syria, Afghanistan and South Sudan.
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HOPE worldwide

We now have a report back from Ali Clark-Morris after her latest visit to the village. Please follow the links to see the report. Read more >

The Accessible Boating Club

Ramp after

Ramp area after installation


It is always good to get feedback from charities we have helped and here we have photographic evidence showing the new pontoons. This goes back to a talk on the 22nd August by Rotary Club of Reading Matins member, Greg Wilkinson who thanked the RRCP for their donation of £1000 to the Accessible Boating Club. Greg explained it would be put to very good use as the club has been desperate to renew their old pontoon that is used to get the disabled youngsters on board the boats. The existing pontoon is far too narrow and barely allows for a wheelchair and helper to be on the narrow pontoon at the same time. Read more >

The Great Train Robbery


Our evening speaker on January 30th was Simon Williams, an expert on the Great Train Robbery.
He began his talk by taking us all back to that infamous year 1963.
1963 gave us the Profumo Scandal, then the Spy Scandal began unfolding with Philby, Burgess and Mclean plus of course we had The Beatles!
However, Simon's story began in the month of August 1963 at and, as Simon reminded us, it was going to be just another day for most of us, although elsewhere in the UK plans were afoot to carry out the most daring of robberies.
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'The Charity for The Buscot Babies Ward'

Elizabeth Josif

Rotarian Charles Hubbard's daughter, Elizabeth Josif was our speaker this week (23/1/18) telling us about 'The Charity for The Buscot Babies Ward' at the Royal Berks, their fund raising is quite remarkable and Elizabeth told us that they raised over 2k via the Santa Run!
Quite an achievement especially when we heard that they also raised many thousands of pounds for new high-tech equipment.
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The Mayor of Reading speaks to the Club   First New Year Meet- we welcomed the Mayor of Reading

The Mayor

At our first meet of the New Year we were delighted to welcome the Mayor of Reading, Rose Williams as our speaker. 2017/18 is the Mayors second term of office, her previous term being 1997/1998. Rose was born and bred in Reading she talked us through her busy schedule, revealing a very full and varied diary.  Read more >

The Club receives a Message of thanks


Warm hats welcomed at the Drop in Centre Reading.
Our thanks to John Osborne who purchased warm winter hats and delivered them to Myra Fowler at the Drop In Centre.

Poverty and loneliness impact millions at Christmas

Loneliness and poverty are problems that ruin Christmas for millions of people each year.
In response to this, a festive lunch was organised by Christian Community Action at Caversham Baptist church in Reading, for those in need.
Age UK say that 873,000 people will have little or no contact with others on Christmas Day and the Joseph Rowntree Foundation estimates around 20% of the UK population is living in poverty.
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The Club's Christmas Lunch

Graham and Paul Harris

A thoroughly enjoyable and lively Christmas Lunch at Pepe Sale welcomed the 'end of term' festivities for members on December 19th. The meeting was further enhanced by presenting one of our members with the 'Paul Harris Award'.
A big surprise was in store for Graham Broadhurst. Graham has stepped up to the line on many occasions. Not only had he in previous years been our President, but this year he agreed to take on the Santa Run event when the previous organiser stepped down. That turned out to be no mean feat and it was a great success. Add to this stepping up to organise the Golf Day 2017 Graham's year was very busy and productive. It was with great pleasure that Eric Moyse, our President, presented Graham with the award for his services to Rotary.
Congratulations Graham!
For more about the lunch follow the link.
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Young Carers

young carers

During our December 12th meet we enjoyed a very inspiring talk by Tracey Daniels who works for Reading Borough Council in charge of Young Carers Assessment. Tracey also runs a Young Carers' Project for young people aged between 5 and 19 who are defined as 'carers'. Tracey explained how they define a young carer.:
'A child or young person who cares for a relative and carries out an inappropriate level of duties around the home or provides emotional or physical support to their parents or siblings.'
This means that the young carer might help around the house doing the cleaning, making the beds or making the dinner. They might help get their younger siblings to and from school or do their homework. Perhaps they are responsible for helping their disabled relative get around, so they might help lift them in and out of the bath or on and off the toilet. Or they might support their relative after they have been drinking, or when their mood is low. Each young carer is unique, and their responsibilities differ.
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The finishing line!

santarun2017 (9)
santarun2017 (11)

The Reading Santa Run 2017 was a great success! Despite the drizzle and cold the participants were in great spirits and all seem to thoroughly enjoy the event.

Once the 5km runners had been 'warmed up' by an instructor from Buzz Gym, one of the main sponsors of the race, The Mayor of Reading Rose Williams started the race of Santa's at 9.30.

Follow the links to the official pictures of the day: Read more >

The Medaille Trust

The Medaille Trust

Despite a later arrival at our meet on 28th November 2017, Speaker Sharon Westby from the Medaille Trust. gave us a very interesting overview of the work her charity did.
The Trust is a charity based in the United Kingdom and founded by several Catholic Congregations in 2006. Its main aim is to end the trafficking and enslavement of women, children and young men to the sex industry. The trust provides safe homes for many of the victims.
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A thank you from the MS Society

Please follow the links.
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Christmas Puds for the Salvation Army Hampers

xmas puds

Eric Moyse, President of the Rotary Club of Reading seen handing over the first of 500 Christmas puddings to Major Richard Welch, Commanding Officer, Reading Salvation Army Citadel. Also in the picture is Matt Stone, Salvation Army Community Development Officer who is in charge of distributing hampers to needy families in the area. This is the second year that the Club has donated puddings. Matt stated that this Christmas they will be feeding about 3,500 people and these puddings will add a real touch of Christmas Fare to the hampers. Read more >

Children In Need

Sandra & Alan

Rotarians Sandra Tucker and Alan Haine were part of 35 Rotarians (including Pudsey) from all the Reading Rotary clubs that took part in the Children in Need collection at Reading station.
This year we collected over£4200 - a 25% increase on last years collection

Poppy Day

Lest We Forget

A big thank you to the 14 people who gave up their time on Saturday 4th November to sell Poppies for the British Legion n the Oracle Shopping Centre. Also a big thank you to Rotarian John Osborne who stepped in at the very last minute to run the collections. Initial indications are that we collected around £2,000, similar to last year. This money goes to a very good cause.

The National Trust

NT logo

On Halloween evening the Reading Rotary met at the Caversham Golf Club, after a social gathering in the bar the evening began with a very enjoyable meal followed by a fascinating talk by a well-informed Sebastian Conway, House and Collection Manager at Basildon Park in nearby Pangbourne.  Read more >

Why I am a Rotarian

To find out why follow the link.
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MLMS and a better BREXIT for young people

Amy & Eric

Our meeting on October 24th gave us a talk by Amy Longland who works for the charity 'My Life My Say' (MLMS) based in Paddington, London. MLMS is a national, non-partisan, youth-led movement on a mission to secure a better Brexit for young people and to evolve relationships between young people and decision-makers.
During her talk, Amy described to us the report that MLMS has produced in partnership with the London School of Economics, which outlines what young people want to see from Brexit.
This self assured and confident young speaker was very well received, with the audience completely absorbed in what she had to tell us. A refreshing and informed view from a young person ..... food for thought!
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The Rotary Foundation


All members present at the October 2nd meeting were addressed by Karen Eveleigh, District Rotary Foundation Chair. Karen explained to us the meaning of the Rotary Foundation, how their aim is to do good in the world, mostly through humanitarian projects.
Foundation has existed for over 100 years having started with a donation of USD26.50 in 1917 by a Rotary Club. Today most donations to the charity are from individual Rotarians and Rotary Clubs.
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Water Survival Box

water survival box logo
water survival box

Our President received a letter of thanks from Tony Quinn, Chairman of Rotary Humanitarian Projects, thanking the club for their cheque for £500 towards the Rotary Hurricane IRMA appeal.
Tony stated that they are very grateful to clubs like ours for helping them contribute to support people who have lost everything, he continued: 'The current situation is that we have 500 boxes ready to be flown to the Caribbean and until 2 days ago (1st Oct 2017) we had plans to send them to St Croix via the District 7020 Rotary Disaster Committee for onward distribution to several islands in the vicinity. Unfortunately, Hurricane Marie hit the island yesterday and we are awaiting news about the state of the airport and warehousing.
Your donation is very much appreciated and will help us replenish the stock we are sending. I have no doubt that we will continue to send boxes to the Caribbean for some time yet'
Tony ask the President to thank members on his behalf.
As a result of our funding a Water Box a matching anonymous donation has been made to send, in addition, a Shelter Box for the hurricane disaster in the Club's name. Read more >

A thank you from the MS Society

MS logo

'Thank you so much for all your hard work finding the donation (for 8 oxygen masks). This is fantastic news and we are very grateful to receive it. Living with MS is a lifelong battle and oxygen treatment is a very beneficial, cost effective, life changing treatment.'
Samantha Harper - Fundraising Manager.
PS We have recruited most of our physiotherapy team and their children for the Santa run - we can't wait! Read more >

Duke of Edinburgh's Award

DofE logo

Our speaker on 26th September 2017 was Kevin Dennis, Field Officer for the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme for West Berkshire. Some members remember Kevin's father Clem Dennis, who was our Club President in 1982 /1983..
In his youth, Kevin told us he was a candidate in the forerunner of RYLA courses, he enjoyed it very much and it set him on his career course as a teacher and DofE award supporter. Kevin explained how there are three levels of awards, Bronze for 14-year old's Silver for those aged 15 and Gold.for youngsters of 16 years and upwards.
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Rtn. Jack Holt announced the launch of the Rotary Crocus Campaign 2017.
Jack also stated that this must have been one of their most popular school projects ever. Six local primary schools (with whom we have previously been in contact regarding our School Dictionary Project, Life Education and more specifically some interesting gardening projects) were written to and offered either 500 or 250 FREE purple crocus bulbs as part of the 'Ridding the World of Polio 2017 International Campaign'. The team was delighted when all the six schools replied immediately with four requests for 500 bulbs and two for 250 bulbs. 100% success rate!
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2017 Reading Charity Santa Run is Launched!

On Thursday 14thSeptember we officially launched the 2017 Reading Santa Run. Roc Search hosted the launch reception at their offices at The Blade in Forbury Gardens. Based on the seventh floor of this impressive building over 50 of our guests enjoyed the panoramic view of Reading at night, as we all met and sipped our welcome drinks.
Members of charities who will benefit from the funds raised at this year's race, joined the organising and production teams along with other dignitaries to hear from Graham Broadhurst who gave an excellent speech on the 'state of play' to date for the Reading Santa Run 2017.
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The Fate of the Yazidi Tribe in Iran

Magdalena Filipova-Rivers

Magdalena Filipova-Rivers

I met with Magdalena Filipova -Rivers - who along with a team of volunteers spent the summer working in Greece with refugees who have fled conflicts in the Middle East. Maggie works on various refugee related projects including managing Reading City of Sanctuary.
Reports alleged that Islamic militants have trapped up to 40,000 members of Iraq's Yazidi minority communities on mount Sinjar, without food or water, have generated an international outcry and spurred the US into considering a military led humanitarian action. The Yazidi or Yezidis are a Kurdish religious minority or an ethno religious group indigenous to Northern Mesopotamia who are strictly endogamous. They have been subject to much persecution throughout history due to their misunderstood faith.
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Gabby & Tom - Our RYLA experience at Rhos-y-Gwaliau

Gabby Tom

In July of this year, 25 youngsters aged 18 to 25 joined the Rotary Youth Leadership Award Course in Rhos-y-Gwaliau, Former participants had raved about the course which they had been on the year before, and had put Gabby & Tom in touch with Rotarians Carole Lowe and Geoff Smith. Fast forward a couple of months and they were being picked up from their homes by Rotarians, and joining a bus full of mainly strangers from a variety of backgrounds, about to spend the week together in Snowdonia. Read more >

Rotary Charity Event Golfers Were Teed Off!

golfer 2

A very early start and under cloudy skies the 29th Rotary Club of Reading, Charity Golf Day teed off on Tuesday September 5th held at the Reading Golf Club in Kidmore End, the weather couldn't dampen spirits and a great time was had by all. Read more >

The John James Memorial Trophy

A new competition was added to the 29th Rotary Golf event this year, the John James Memorial Trophy. You will all remember John who was a keen golfer and a member of Rotary for over 30 years, he was our President during 2007/8. John sadly passed away in June this year, so the Club voted to create a golf trophy in his memory.
His wife June happily accepted the trophy earlier in the afternoon from Graham Broadhurst and was very pleased to present the John James Memorial Trophy to Peter Mason from the Reading Abbey Club who achieved a score of 29 points.
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A Magnificent Man in his Flying Machine!   Alan James on 'Flying your own Spitfire'


Our 2017 August evening meet was brought alive when Alan James took to the floor to tell us how like many other small boys his childhood passion was to build model aircraft, he remembers saving his pocket money to rush out to buy a model aircraft from the local craft shop to build.
Alan's passion with flying was inspired by the planes he watched take off and land at the RAF base near his home in Reading. As a teenager he took glider lessons, and he was hooked! Alan explained how from building balsa wood model airplanes as a child he progressed to building his own Spitfire plane in his garage as a grown up!
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Publicising Santa Run at Englefield

At Englefield

David Barrett and Tim Metcalfe plus Marilyn Grundrill (unseen but in full Santa suit) raising our profile.

Well done Reading Mencap

Please follow the links to see how this charity benefited from a Reading Rotary Community Project grant.
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Sand Dam Project underway

Rotary's first dam in India - with a Rotary contribution of £15,494.
The dam is for the Kirjan Bhoja community in the Marwar region. Amazingly, it appears that an estimate of over 3,000 people will benefit from this dam and maybe as many as 9,000. Excellent Development have been engaged to build the dam and they are doing this with a Rajasthan based organisation, The Jal Bhagirathi Foundation. Please follow the link for a video clip.
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Money Sense


Becky Gavin and David Dorlin, volunteers from the NatWest Bank staff, joined us today (8th Aug) to give members an overview of the programme they help run to offer free and impartial financial education for 5-18-year olds. NatWest MoneySense uses real-life money moments - like getting pocket money, buying a mobile phone or saving for a first car - to make learning about money feel relevant and fun. The programme has been created with the help of teachers, parents and young people. It is linked directly to the school curriculum and has received the Financial Education Quality Mark and is has an accreditation from Young Enterprise. Read more >

New member Simon Creffield

Simon being presented with his Rotary badge

We were delighted to welcome Simon Creffield to our club on August 8th. Simon was Introduced to our club by Jack Holt (seconded by Rod Cole). Simon lives in Newbury, is a dedicated foodie also a keen golfer. He has been captain of the Newbury and Crookham Golf club. Read more >

Camp Mohawk

Camp Mohawk

Camp Mohawk

Annabel Hill

At this week's meeting (1st August) members were treated to a very informative and interesting talk by Annabel Hill, from Camp Mohawk based in Wargrave. What started off, many years ago as a 'camping out in the woods' experience for children from Inner London cities, is now a wonderful purpose built multi-functional day centre for children and young people with special needs. Camp Mohawk is set in beautiful countryside just outside Wargrave in Berkshire, providing a range of activities, facilities and natural space to encourage those with a variety of special needs to play, socialise and learn in a secure environment.
Most importantly staff and volunteers give support to the families of these children, here they can socialise and have some 'me time' while the children are kept busy and happy.
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My Journey to Rotary - from Tim Metcalfe

Tim with Richard

Tim with Richard Stone

Tim Metcalfe spoke to members at our meeting on the 25th July, giving us an understanding of the pathway that brought him to becoming a member of the Rotary Club of Reading just before Easter 2017.
He was introduced to Rotary, along with Roger Butler, by Richard Stone and we are delighted to have him on board.
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RYLA 2017


The winning team!

Geoff enjoyed RYLA again this year and spent one day on Barmouth Slabs watching and encouraging the candidates learning how to set up an abseil. This is not only highly technical but also involves learning complex knots!
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GRASS ROOTS WORK IN GREECE (Reading Refugee Support Group 'Embrace Refugees')   ReadingRefugee Support Group 'Embrace Refugees'


A ‘new kitchen’ in the settlement

Members may well remember a visit from Maggie who gave us a thumbnail of her planned visit to the Volvi UNHCR camp in Greece in the Summer. Maggie will hopefully return to tell us more in the late Autumn as a speaker. She works in the U.K. helping immigrants with interest free loans to help them start businesses that will give them independence from the state support. Previously she worked for a charity based in Reading that supported mission work in Latin America. Maggie has been working for Reading Refugee Support Group and was the organiser of the very successful 'Reading a City of Sanctuary' event.
We have an update from Maggie and to learn more follow the link.
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FAST - Stroke Awareness


Our speaker this week (18th July 2017) was Richard Phillips (Husband of Ann Phillips of Reading Matins) who spoke to us about stroke awareness. Richard told us that he had suffered a stroke when he was around 57 and here we are over 15 years later, with the help of his family Richard is leading a full and active life despite being affected by the stroke down his left- hand side. He has been an active member of the Stroke Association for many years and delivered an informative and thought-provoking talk. Read more >

Jack Holt wins the Terry Simpson Cup for 2017

Jack the golfer

On July 12th RAGS - Reading Abbey Golf Society but now a combined society
with Rotary Club of Reading - held their annual competition for the Terry
Simpson Cup. Terry was a very active member and past President of Reading
Abbey and a keen golfer and following his sad demise his wife Sarah
presented this Cup to RAGS.
Last year's winner Peter Mason of Abbey presented the cup to
this year's winner, Jack Holt from the Rotary club of Reading.
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St. Peter's Fete, Caversham Court 2017

As part of our quest for new members, for the second year in succession the Club took a site at St Peter's Church Fete held on July 8th. A large crowd taking advantage of a beautiful day at Caversham Court was able to see our banners, literature, a Santa suit and a Shelterbox -- all on display to show what Rotary is all about. Read more >

Berkshire Womens Aid

BWA log
Liz Terry with Eric

Liz Terry with new Rotary President Eric Moyse

Our speaker on July 4th was LIZ TERRY who returned to give members and guests an update on BWA, and the current situation regarding our exciting project Orchard House for Berkshire Woman's Aid.
Liz explained that the charity was formed in the 1970's and the first refuge opened for women who were victims of domestic violence, in 1975. Since then the profile of needs has changed dramatically, whether this is awareness of being able to seek help or an increase in domestic violence, Liz could not say. Last year BWA had to turn away 73 people looking for that place of safety. That means for every victim we took in to refuge we turned 3 people away. Calls to our helpline grew by 58% last year.
As the needs of victims change and recognising the positive changes in the level of understanding of Domestic Abuse in other agencies, BWA welcomes the opportunity to look at the balance of the way services are delivered in the area and believe that some changes can match local needs more effectively. Our experience shows that outreach is a very effective way of supporting many service users including the impact on children who witness the abuse.
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New President Eric Moyes takes the reins from outgoing President Sandra Tucker - and two Paul Harris awards are presented

Sandra anoints Eric

Eric bows before Sandra!

At the Hand Over meet on June 27th, 2017 we bade farewell to outgoing President Sandra and we all welcomed Eric Moyes as the incoming President. Bill Montague became SVP with Amir Kharkowa as JVP. David Drew remains as Secretary and John Brennan as Treasurer
Sandra thanked everyone for their hard work and support during her term of Office, with special thanks to David Drew and Chris Nicholls, and to both she presented the Paul Harris award in recognition of their support and dedicated efforts. Read more >

The FAITH Christian Group (FCG).


On the 20th June our speaker was Amanda Bayley from the FAITH Christian Group (FCG). Amanda gave a very informative talk explaining how FCG began in 1990 as a response to a need which its founder, Jim McConnell, saw on the streets of Reading. In the beginning, the FAITH office was based in the front room of his house. Following those beginnings, a small van was purchased, and a drop in centre opened up, running every Sunday at St Andrew's Church hall near the Royal Berkshire Hospital in Reading. FAITH then went mobile with the purchase of what was to become the Candle Tea Bar that has been out in Reading Town Centre on Sunday afternoons almost every Sunday.
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A new project from the Youth Team. Please click on the heading to learn more.