Rotary Club of Reading

Meeting Place

Pepe Sale Restaurant Reading

The club meets at the Pepe Sale Restaurant, Queens Walk in Reading on Tuesdays at 12:30 for 1pm.

Except there is usually an evening meeting on the 5th Tuesday of the month at Caversham Heath Golf Club (7:30pm for 8:00pm)

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Rotary Club of Reading

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Dates for the Diary

Santa Run

5th November 2016 - Poppy Appeal Collection

4th December 2016 - Santa Run

Entry is now open. To enter go to

Yorkshire Tea Bar Codes Buy Wheelchairs!

yorkshire tea

Yorkshire Tea have been very pleased with the outcome and the scheme now covers the bar codes of all their Yorkshire Tea products including cakes and biscuits.
To give an example of the improved benefits that we now receive, each unit has a value of 10p. The box of 80 tea bags carries the value of 10p ie one unit, so the largest catering bag carries a value of 15 units, 1.50p,just 50 of those would buy and deliver the wheelchair.
750 units are required to buy and deliver a wheelchair.
The programme has no time limit so please keep up the excellent work and spread the word.

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President's message:-

President 2016/2017We are 'Ordinary people doing Extraordinary Things'. Together we can give back something to the world and at the same time, have fun and enjoy the fellowship and support of each other. Sandra Tucker

Next Meeting
1st November 2016
Helping vulnerable communities in the Middle East to rebuild their lives when faced by conflict.
Speaker: Richard Crow, the CEO of the Amar Foundation

Future meetings

8th November 2016
Business Meeting

15th November 2016
Restoring hope and belief by identifying and supporting those affected by exploitation
Speaker: Nicola Bell, RAHAB

22nd November 2016
Fellowship Meeting

Make a world of difference

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