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The club meets at the Pepe Sale Restaurant on Tuesdays at 12:30 for 1pm situated in Queens Walk in Reading (Down the side of the Penta Hotel in Oxford Road)

Except there is usually an evening meeting on the 5th Tuesday of the month at Caversham Heath Golf Club (7:30pm for 8:00pm)

Prospective visitors to evening meetings must contact the Club's Secretary by MIDDAY THE FRIDAY PRECEDING THE MEETING

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Younger People With Dementia

YPWD logo

YPWD logo

The talk at our meeting today (6/2/18) 'Young Onset Dementia 'attracted a lot of attention and interest from our members. We were all quite unsure exactly what the word 'Young' implied, however speaker Charlie Draper, Operations Manager for this charity, soon explained and told us that dementia does affect many adults often under the age of 65, and nationally there are about 40,000 younger people with dementia.
Traditionally our UK services are designed to meet the needs and expected therapeutic out-comes of older adults and subsequently, access to activities appropriate for younger adults with dementia is limited. This is where the YWPD Charity stepped in.

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Building project for BWA hostel

BWA 1st floor walls

First floor walls

The Club is funding a major part of the cost of this project and building is now underway.
Follow the links for more photos as the project develops. It is now at the stage where we are looking for donations of equipment for bathrooms, kitchens etc.

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President's message:-

President 2017/2018With our growing membership, our ambitious programme
of helping those in need and our lively social life, we are
committed to doing even more of the same good things
that we have achieved of late.
Eric Moyse

Next Meeting
20th March 2018
Subject: Katesgrove School
Speaker: Lisa Telling, Headmistress

Future meetings

27th March 2018
Subject: Provides practical support for those socially isolated or financially marginalised.
Speaker: Gill Kaiser, CEO Christian Community Action Ministries

3rd April 2018
Subject: Future of agriculture in the UK
Speaker: Rtn. Tim Metcalfe

10th April 2018
Fellowship Meeting

Make a world of difference

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